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On Target Home Inspection recognizes that as a Rehab Flipper or Rental Property Investor, you need to make the numbers work. Let us help you do that.

We have created a unique program for investors that offers not only education (sure to make you better at estimating repairs), but also a thorough evaluation of the major systems of the house to keep you from falling into a Money Pit.

Our unique pricing structure (available only to investors) rewards repeat business with substantial discounts. We can do this for one simple reason… The more you use us, the less you need us.

Allow me to explain the program:

  1. First Inspection will be a full residential inspection, which we highly encourage you to attend. Follow us around the house. See what we do and how we do it. Ask us a ton of questions. Between that and the comprehensive electronic report you’ll receive, you will have received a first class education in assessing repairs, as well as prioritizing safety and major issues.
  2. Second Inspection is a full inspection as well, but without the electronic report. You are encouraged to attend that one as well, and ask a ton more questions! This will come with a hand-written checklist and will be at least $100 off the price of a full inspection.
  3. All subsequent inspections will be Investor Walkthrough Consultations. While still thorough, these are not as comprehensive and do not offer a report. These are at least $150 off of the price of a full inspection.

Benefits to you:

  • More accurate repair estimates = more accurate numbers
  • Vastly improve your skills at estimating your rehab scope of work
  • Avoid dealing with many last minute problems that the other guy’s inspector would find (We know what they look for)
  • Avoid purchasing a Money Pit and save Thousands $$$
  • Learn maintenance tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out of your property and its systems.

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