Places Where Germs Are Hiding In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen may look clean, but here's the dirt on what's really happening. Orland Park Home Inspection identifies 3 alarming places where germs are hiding in your kitchen. Although a quick daily clean might keep some of the bacteria at bay, it's important to remember that germs are lurking in the dark corners often overlooked! Since the kitchen tends to be where family and friends congregate, not only is it alarming to discover that things may not be as clean as you thought they were, bacteria can come in contact with the food you eat. That raises your risk of getting sick. These are three places in the kitchen where germs like to hide. Also, along with things you can do to clean up your act. 1. Your refrigerator It's true, germs can and do hang out inside your refrigerator, especially in the meat and vegetable compartments. In the NSF [...]

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Prevent These 4 Winter Home Problems Now

Orland Park Home Inspection tells how to prevent these 4 winter home problems. When you start feeling those first hints of winter, the instinct to get ready kicks in. You may dig out your car's snow brush, blanket, shovel, and winter survival kit and place them in the trunk of your car. The winter coats and boots come out of storage, and you may pick up some extra mittens. But what do you do to protect your house against the hazards of winter? If you don't take time for maintenance and winterization now, you can end up paying for it later, in the form of higher energy bills, frozen pipes or fixing a broken furnace. Here are four common problems that can hit home during the winter and how you can ward them off. Sky-high energy bills: Do your electric bills rise during the wintertime? Heating your home accounts for about [...]

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13 Moving Hacks That Could Save Time, Money And Sustainability

The experts at Orland Park Home Inspection have some great advice for orchestrating a move that won't waste your time or money. Consider the following 13 Moving hacks that could save time, money and sustainability. Changing households can be a time for new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and boundless opportunities. But those good things tend to come after the moving process itself, which can take a lot of planning, organizing, and old-fashioned elbow grease. And many people start the process unprepared. 1. Plan When possible, create a timeline for your move weeks or months ahead, detailing the resources, time and labor you'll need. Establishing a written plan will save you from hurry and indecision and help ensure you've thought through every stage. 2. Reserve Reserve your rental truck at least two weeks ahead, choosing the size that corresponds to the number of rooms in your home. For the greenest choice, pick an [...]

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8 Home Security Hacks

Did you know that many police departments have a community affairs officer whose primary goal is to build a strong working relationship with the community? That means you have access to a trained safety expert who wants to give you ideas to keep your home and neighborhood safe.   Read on Orland Park Home Inspection's eight simple home security hacks from a recent home safety evaluation conducted by a police officer.   1. Change the locks When was the last time you changed the locks? How many previous owners have there been and how many keys have been given out to neighbors, friends, family or delivery people? You never know who has a second copy, and for less than $100 at Home Depot, you can change your locks immediately.   2. Replace outdoor light bulbs If you don't have outdoor flood lights, get them. If you have them, make sure [...]

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How To Properly Store Summer Clothes To Avoid Pest Infestation

As colder weather approaches, you may decide to store some of your summer clothes. Orland Park Home Inspection tells you how to properly store summer clothes to avoid pest infestation. However, when warmer temperatures roll around again, you might not find those shorts and tank tops exactly as you left them. Certain insects that feed on fabrics and textiles can leave your carefully stored clothing damaged and full of holes. But don't despair! Your shirts aren't necessarily doomed. With some tips from Terminix, you can learn what kinds of bugs damage fabric and how you can best protect your outfits in storage.   Which insects eat clothes? When you picture the kind of bug that finds its way into a closet and ruins your clothing, you probably think of a moth. The larvae of clothes moths feed on everything from synthetic fabrics to upholstery to stray pet or human hair. [...]

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Using Land In Lieu Of A Mortgage Down Payment

Saving up for a new home can take many people years and to most, it can seem like there is no easy answer to achieving their dream. Orland Park Home Inspection's tips on how you can use land in Lieu of a mortgage down payment. According to the U.S Census Bureau as of July 2018, just 64% of Americans currently own their home. The hurdle that stands in the way of homeownership for the remaining: saving up for the down payment. The great news is, there are other easy options to help you open the door to your new home faster. Many lenders will allow land - either owned or given as a gift - to be used as collateral instead of a cash down payment when obtaining financing to purchase a new home.   Basics of land in lieu Land equity is valuable but does not work the same as [...]

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Preventing Pests From Moving In

New home? Home Inspection Orland Park 6 steps for preventing pests from moving in   Moving into a new home is chaotic. You've got decorating to do, a neighborhood to explore, and a house to keep in tiptop shape. The last thing you need in the midst of all that commotion is the added headache of household pests like ants, cockroaches or rodents. With a few tips from Terminix, you can keep your move running smoothly and ensure no unexpected pests move in with you.   Look for collecting water Stagnant or standing water attracts a variety of pests, from nuisance wildlife to mosquitoes. It doesn't take a lot of water, either - mosquitoes can lay as many as 100 eggs in the cap of a bottle of water. Try to reduce standing water in sources such as pots and tires, and be sure to change out your birdbath at [...]

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Great Time For Roofing

Home Inspection Orland Park: 3 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time For Roofing  Cool breezes and falling leaves are around the corner and for many parts of the country those telltale signs of fall signal the best possible season for roofing. So what makes fall a great time for roof repairs or a full replacement?   1. Perfect weather The same perfectly cool weather that makes fall a favorite time of year for camping and outdoor activities also makes it a great time for roofing - and not just because it's more comfortable for the roofer. Asphalt shingles, the most popular form of roofing in the U.S., have an optimum temperature for installation. Keep in mind, the perfect roofing weather of fall can mean busy contractors.   2. Spring and summer storms The warmth and humidity of the spring and summer months are notorious for spawning severe thunderstorms. Hail can fall [...]

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Using Technology In Home Buying

 Orland Park Home Inspection: 4 ways to use technology to simplify your home buying process   While spring is typically the busiest period in real estate, particularly for families looking to get into a new home before the school year starts. The fall months have become increasingly active for those who have more flexibility or are looking for a good deal.     With increased competition in many cities around the country, finding ways to simplify the home buying process while saving money is top of mind for potential home buyers. Many consumers are seeking real estate brokerages that make the home buying process less stressful by providing access to tech-based tools, data and the guidance of smart, local agents.     "Buying a home is typically the most expensive purchase most people will make, and people are choosing brokerages that offer the right tools and data to help inform [...]

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Floor Cleaning 101

Home Inspection Orland Park: Floor Cleaning 101   Flooring trends change through the years as homeowners acquire new tastes and technology allows for a larger variety of flooring designs. Deep ebony and driftwood finishes peaked in 2017, while 2018 trends are pushing toward wider planks, gray tones and even durable porcelain tiles designed to mirror wood grains.   As today's flooring choices evolve, the importance of maintaining a clean floor remains constant, especially if you have kids and pets. But, clean floors don't need to translate to hour-long scrubbing sessions on your knees. Instead, it should take minimal work to get the job done and it shouldn't matter what type of floor you have. Here are some tricks and tips on the best ways to get your floors looking new and spotless in no time:     Laminate floors Even though your laminate floors might look like hardwood or tile, you [...]

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