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The Platinum Protection Package is our very best package with the largest discount.

This is our very best service offering.  This combines the best of our technology and environmental testing to ensure that your new home is both SAFE and SOUND.

We inspect all major components of the home, including but not limited to the following:

Full Residential Inspection Click Here for More Information (opens in new window)
* Full inspection of all main systems
* Comprehensive digital report (including digital photographs).
* Full-length, illustrated home maintenance book
* Free utility concierge service
* Handy discounts on home-related products/services

Radon Test Click Here for More Information (opens in new window)

Termite Inspection

Sewer Scope Click Here for More Information (opens in new window)

Mold Air Sample Test

We are Certified Residential Thermographers through Monroe Infrared Training and offer Thermography/Infrared with every inspection.

If you are serious about protecting the biggest investment you will ever make, THIS is the package for you! ($85 discount)

CALL US NOW to book your Platinum Protection Package Inspection at (708) 350-9449